Thor Aackerlund – Nintendo World Championship Winner, multiple Tetris World Record Holder, Father of 1, fan of retro gaming.

Robin Mihara – The next level thinks he is the next level. Alexi Pajitnov would leave Russia just to shake his hand. He once tought a blind man to play Tetris by fax. He once had a contest with himself, four days later he won. His children are many and they are interesting. If he made films, well actually he does. Ralph Maccio was told he looked not quiet as handsome as the famous Robin Mihara.

Todd Mowatt – Todd has been involved in the world of video games since the early days of the Sega Master System. He started the very first sports dedicated gaming magazine Cyber Sports for Sendai publishing and was the founding editor of P.S.X., North America’s first dedicated PlayStation magazine. That magazine became the Official PlayStation Magazine. He also acted as Quartermann, Sushi X and was the news and sports editor for EGM and EGM2.  Mowatt has written two books on gaming. He has contributed to USA Today’s Life Section and has written for GameFan, Gamesmania, Kidsmania, Verve, Fuel and other newspapers and magazines. He is an authority on video games.

El Bozi – From somewhere in South Korea – Part time gamer, part time writer, “Thor’s shadow is a great place to stand, it keeps you cool from the sun.” I collect old game systems, and I am an avid fan of Tetris”

Erik Aackerlund – Nintendo World Championship competitor, won age group in Miami, Florida and competed at the finals in Los Angeles. “Despite the resemblance, I actually am Thor’s brother.”

Other Friends of Lost Hammer

Patrick Scott Patterson –  He has been into competitive gaming since the early 80’s and competed in the 1990 Nintendo World Championships.  He holds multiple gaming world records.  A veteran of Twin Galaxies.  During the late 90’s Scott was a professional wrestler headlining shows across Texas as “Hardcore Kingpin” Scott Phoenix.

Currently you can follow Scott and all of his endeavors at

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